Saturday, April 04, 2020

4/3 Day 20

4/3 Day 20 of being Artist-in-Residence. Coffee with Gretchen, which was a super way to start the day. Something I realized. I talk to my dog all the time. All the time. When he’s gone, I talk to the cats. When they’re in another room, I talk to myself. I need to say things out loud. Being the extrovert that I am, it’s hard to process things without hearing them. I know it drives people crazy, but that’s who I am. Did? more laundry. Cut more masks. Watched more Drag Race. Envy my life?

Friday, April 03, 2020

4/2 I always post the next day.

4/2 Day 19 of being Artist-in-Residence. Coffee with Gretchen. Since Dana could’t make it, we’ll talk again tomorrow. Fine with me. I love having coffee with friends, and this way I don’t have to buy expensive coffee. (Although I have expensive stuff at home.) :) I read a while. My son Rob called. Made my day. He’s calling more since he’s off this week. Today I accomplished something big. I made my bed. I mean totally, with the extra pillows on it and everything. Since I’ve been alone these 19 days I’ve changed the sheets and pulled up the covers. But I haven’t made my bed the way I normally do. It made me feel good, so I guess I have to do it every day. Did laundry, a necessary evil. Then I cut masks., which makes me feel useful. Had groceries delivered. Talked to my sis. Can you handle the excitement?

Tomorrow I'm going to write some more.

Wednesday, April 01, 2020

4/1 from yesterday

3/31 Day 17 of being Artist-in-Residence. In the morning was my favorite part of the week. I had coffee with Gretchen and Dana. Gretchen phone died, so talking with her was short and sweet. We’ll talk again on Thursday instead of Friday, so we can get our Gretchen fix.

Rob called me as he was driving from their old house to their new one. They are moving to Southern Pines, NC which is a pretty town, and only 40 minutes from Ft. Bragg, so not too bad.

My bed broke last night, and today Jane and John came and took it apart (with my help). We put it in the garage and John will take it to the scrap metal place later. The put together the gifted frame for me, so by 6 I had a new bed, and was happily ensconced there with my pets.

Since Jane works at a medical clinic, she had a mask and gloves, and I wore a mask because we knew John wouldn't think of such things. :) Anyway, I still have to go around and clean areas John touched, which is basically the door knobs. I won't cleanse the old bed because it's in the garage and probably has already cleaned itself.

I really appreciate niece Sarah and nephew-in-law Dalton giving me the bed frame. And I also am so grateful for Jane and John. This is not the time for me needing people to help me, but because of my back, I just can’t do things like that alone.

So happy for family and friends.

Tuesday, March 31, 2020

3/31 The times aren't changing--yet

3/30 Day 16 of being Artist-in-Residence. My groceries were delivered in the morning, and I worked a little bit on my book. In the afternoon, my Gus  came home, delivered by my sister and b-i-l, Jan and Tim. It was so nice that we sat outside. They brought their lawn chairs and sat 6-10 feet away, but we had a nice visit. Then Gus and I had a nap. It was awesome to have his little body next to me. I worked on cutting masks, but it wasn’t easy on my back, so I have to figure out a better way to do it. Around 7, I spoke to my daughter Jill  on FB Messenger, and while we talked my bed broke. What a shocker. Working on getting that fixed. My niece Sarah is giving me a queen-sized frame, which is so kind.

Monday, March 30, 2020

3/30/20 What I've been up to. Not much.

3/29/20 Day 15 of being Artist-in-Residence. “Went” to Mass online. Spent time interacting with some friends through text and FB Messenger. Then worked some more with Sam and George, et al. Writing is a good way for me to spend time, but I’m just doing a little bit. Outside twice. Once to pick up mail from yesterday, and second time to pick up the material left for me to cut for masks for local healthcare workers. It will be nice to have a job since I don’t have any referrals for Monday. 

3/28 Day 14 of being Artist-in-Residence. Can’t believe it’s been two weeks. For the first time I’m wondering how long I’ll be here alone. Not even complaining. Just wondering. I decide that today is going to be a day with words. I will read some of the book from my book club, and I will work on Where’s My Passport? This is my 9th book, and for various reasons it’s taken me more than a year to write. It’s not that I’m not interested in it, I am. Just had excuses. Right now I’m trying to keep Sam and George (and a few other people) safe after a friend was kidnapped (killed?) in Ireland. Keep your fingers crossed that our heroes survive. They haven’t told me yet if they do or don’t.

Tonight several family members met on FB Messenger and as usual I laughed a lot, even when my nephew was making fun of me. 😂 

3/27 Day 13 of being Artist-in-Residence. Had coffee with Dana and Gretchen again. How could I even get through this without my friends. Took the day off from work. Slept a lot. My life is good even though I’m alone. 

3/26 Day 12 of being Artist-in-Residence. I am so lucky that my job was work-from-home even before the coronavirus. I’m also lucky that I have three wonderful pets to keep me company. As a flaming extravert, it becomes difficult to always be alone. Thank God for the internet and videoconferencing. Did another workshop, attended by about 60 more people, and had a few counseling sessions as well. Then had a consultation with a colleague. Lots of work. My sister Jan picked up my dog Gus in the morning, to keep him for a few days. He’s not getting enough exercise with me since my back surgery has been postponed and it’s difficult to walk any distance with him. Poor dude. But he’ll have a ball at Jan and Tim’s house. He and their dog Rocky enjoy each other’s company and they have a fenced in yard. Gus will be able to run, so even though I’ll miss him, he will be quite happy. Oh, and I’m going to start cutting material for masks. I don’t have a sewing machine, but I can sure cut. My daughter Jill called, but I was in the middle of work and could only say “Hi/Bye.” Love you, Jill.

I worked until 6:30 PM and remembered why I’d retired. My butt was tired. 

3/25 Day 11 of being Artist-in-Residence
I talked with another BFF, Nancie, via FaceTime, yesterday morning. Such a nice way to start the day--with laughter and a dear friend. Later in the day my niece Sarah, used FB Messenger and connected so I could talk to 1 year old AJ. She and AJ were both bored, and it was a delight to be able to try to entertain my sweet great-niece.
I did several counseling sessions in the afternoon, joined an online book club with friends, and in the evening caught up with Ru Paul’s Drag Race. Don't judge. I love it.

3/24 Day 10 of being an Artist-in-Residence: There is life out there. Here’s how I know. People answer my texts and emails.; 100 people attended an online workshop I did; when I walked Gus there were two other neighbors out with their dogs; and I took Gus with me to a drive through pharmacy and I saw people all over the place, without getting out of my car. But the best of all was I had coffee in the morning via FB Messenger with Dana and Gretchen. What a delightful way to start the morning. Then around dinner time my daughter Jill and I had a video chat. And by the way, naps are my friend. Yes, plural. NAPS. I’m loving it. Oh, after dinner I had a video chat with my sisters which caused a lot of laughter. Then my ex-daughter-in-law called (still my daughter). What a busy and wonderful day!

Saturday, November 23, 2019

11/23/19 Where have I been? Am I even alive?

To all my wonderful readers: I am here and I am writing. My writing is inconsistent but it's getting better. No excuses, but I will speak a little bit about the "why."

In March, I had an unexpected health scare. I had multiple pulmonary emboli, in every lobe of my lungs, so many that they didn't even attempt to count. After a four day hospitalization, I began a long recovery. The emoboli are gone and I'm fine in that respect, but the "near death" experience changed a lot about me.

I became kind of depressed and more withdrawn. If you know me at all, you know that it isn't me. I hid it fairly well, but didn't have the energy to write.

The good news is that I'm not depressed and am writing again. Where's My Passport? is about half done, and I'm actually enjoying working on it. No book has ever taken me so long. Besides being ill, part of the book takes place in Ireland, so I have to do some research, which I haven't had to do with other books taking place in Quincy.

So I'm back to my old self, and want to make sure that you, my patient readers, are rewarded with another book at the end of this.

Thanks so much for waiting. I appreciate your kind comments when you see me. It never gets old hearing how much you enjoy my books. Never gets old at all. Thanks again.

More later.

Thursday, August 16, 2018

8/16 Procrastinator no more! least temporarily. My manuscript has been turned in, sent to the formatter, returned for my viewing (and my publisher's viewing), and sent back to the formatter for a few small changes. He returned everything, but without my picture on the back. So that's been attended to, and book #8 (Is This the End?) should be out any day. As usual it will be out in both ebook and paperback.

To say I am happy is to totally understate my HUGE emotions. For some reason, this book took a little while longer than the others. Still 8 books in five and a half years isn't too bad.

I'm working on Where's My Passport? and I certainly hope it will be done more quickly than ITTE? but we'l see. To hurry it along, I am adding to my usual writing retreat by going to a new one. In October I'll be going to the Isle of Palm off of Charleston, SC with some new writer friends. The funny fact is that I've not met any of them IRL. However, one of them has been my FB friend for a few years, and I'm sure the other ones will soon be friends. I believe there will be six of us there, and I believe all of them are published authors. More about them after I meet them. Then I can recommend some books to you. I do think they are romance writers, at least I know a few of them are. I wonder if I'm the only mystery writer there. Hmmmm, that will be interesting, and perhaps fodder for another book.

What do you think?