Sunday, December 07, 2008

12/7 Trying to get things done

Am on my last two loads of laundry. I finally put some ornaments on my Christmas tree. Can't put the angel on without help however. Am trying to get some things done since I leave tomorrow for five days. Have to pack tonight and have to grade papers. But what I really need to do is just lay down and try to get better. I didn't sleep much last night, but did doze today a bit.

Gussie and Allie have been friendly and fun today. Bozie is kind of hiding out. I think she's a little jealous. But at least she isn't as guarded with the new one as she was yesterday. It will just take a while I guess.

Will stop at my doc's office on the way to work and see if I can get fit in. Sure hope so. This thing won't go away.

As a side note, I'm in the playoffs on my fantasy football team (am #1 in our league). Am playing the 8th guy and he's tied with me right now. Sure hope I catch up. I've done well all season. Would hate to lose in the first playoff game.


Jan said...

Hope you start feeling better soon. It's hard to be away from home when you don't feel good.

Jill and Todd Potrykus said...

What is in St. Louis for 5 days? Are you at a training? Be safe and hope you start feeling better soon. Love you.

Jer said...

Thanks, Jan. I'm seeing doc at 8:45 AM, so I hope I'll get better soon. See you there. :)

Jill, I'm going to be recertified in CPI. Am going down after work today and will be back on Friday. Poor new kitty won't even remember me. :( But this is a great chance for the two cats to bond with Gus and me gone. Love you.