Friday, September 03, 2004

9/3 Limping around

I got the surgical boot/shoe, although I don't understand its purpose. If it's for comfort, then okay... or if it's to keep my foot from bending so the tendons heal, well that makes more sense. It just makes me walk funny after I'd spent over a week learning how not to limp. Ah well, I'm a lucky bug anyway.

Work is getting more and more fun. I have new things to do, in addition to the writing and editing of our publications. I like being busy.

My family is all getting together at my sister Jan's this weekend for a barbecue. It makes me homesick knowing I'm a six hour drive away. I'll be thinking of them as they drink beer, play games, and laugh. Hey--I'll be doing that myself at CSz... and several of the comedians are as silly/dumb as my brothers, so it'll be okay.

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