Sunday, May 10, 2009

5/10 Happy Mothers' Day

I've had a great day. Bought some outside furniture. (Thanks, Pete, for unloading it for me.) Gus and I sat outside while I started reading Twilight. I LOVE IT!

Rob and Beata called me today and so did Jill, so my Mothers' Day was perfect. Plus I got a package from B and R with a lovely turquoise necklace and earrings. Additionally, a shout out on Facebook, an email, and a text. How connected is that? I'm so grateful. Love you all so much.

Last night was tons of fun at Kris's bachelorette party. It started at 4 and I was done by 8. This is a real down side of being old. But it sure was fun while it lasted. :)

Tonight's article is Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi: Moms trust them most and so do I


Jan said...

It was only done by 8:00 for you, not the whole party. Glad I'm not as old as you are.

Jer said...

I did say "I" was done by 8. I know you young'ns stayed out later.

Cindy said...

I knew it wasn't done at 8 because some of the party showed up at our house after midnight! Good thing Susan had a DD....she seemed to have TONS of fun. Great to see you Jess, and sorry I couldnt' make it Kris..we were just worn out! It was nice you could enjoy some of the party before pooping out Jer. I feel like that myself these days, b/c I know just being out in the sun and wind nearly did me in.