Wednesday, December 12, 2007

12/12 Busy and nice

Today was a decent day. I had to attend a training in the morning and give a training in the afternoon. The good news is that the afternoon training was cancelled, and in the morning training no one else showed but me. So the instructor taught the 4 hour class to me in 2 hours. I had plenty of extra time today.

Then it was a case manager's birthday so I joined a group for lunch.

Tonight I rushed the dogs home, then went to choir practice. It was cut short too because the organist couldn't make it.

So time was my friend today. I like it when that happens.

Now the doggies and I will watch the finale of America's Next Top Model.


Andrea said...

After being off two days, for the ice storm, I can relate. I love being able to relax! Did you know there a Big Brother starting in February>

Beata said...

Mom, our power cut off last night and I didn't get to see the finale of America's Top Model!!!!! Geezzzz!! But don't tell me, I will see if anyone had recorded it... I miss you more and more. :-0)

Jer said...

Yes, Andrea, and I'm psyched for it too. The writers' strike is ensuring that we get plenty of reality TV, including our favorite one.

Jer said...

Beatka, I'm so sorry your power went out. If you can't get a tape from someone, maybe you can watch it on the computer. I don't know if this show is one that has complete episodes or not, but I think so. Go to

Of course be careful not to read any headlines so you don't get the surprise spoiled. :)