Wednesday, July 30, 2008

7/30 Another saint

I think it's Cindy. Someone (was it you, Cin?) left three ears of corn and several fresh tomatoes. Oh, and the corn was already cleaned. So guess what I had for dinner...yep, all of the corn and two of the tomatoes. I'm still smiling.

So thanks a MILLION!

My puppies and kitten have been so entertaining tonight. I've really enjoyed watching them.

My birthday is Saturday. I told Jan that I just might want to go to her house and swim with my puppies, then relax on the porch afterward. Quite a lot of excitement for such an old broad.


Cindy said...

yep, it was me. I was picking for our dinner and thought of you. I had 3 ears for dinner. It was not as good as the Beardstown corn, but a lot more convenient. A lot of our ears are under-developed this year, but I tried to pick you some nice ones. Aren't the tomatoes great this year? Usually the skin is tough, but that isnt' the case this year---must be all the moisture. Glad you enjoyed the produce.

Jer said...

Thanks, Cindy. It was delicious. I also ate more tomatoes tonight.