Wednesday, August 13, 2008

8/13 Off to Mattoon

Have to go to Mattoon today to get trained as a trainer for a certain test we administer when we're doing our crisis screenings. It'll be a long drive about 7 hours total for a three hour training. However the only other one is in Chicago, and that would take even longer. So Jan is letting Gus out over lunchtime and Cindy is letting him out after work.

I'm very lucky to have sisters who love dogs (and me). Thanks, Cindy and Jan. I love you.


Paulette said...

And if you see Nate at Buffalo Wild Wings-say Hi.....his picture is there on the wall for winning the Blazing wings challenge-What more can a mom ask for????

Cindy said...

Way to suppliment the food budget Nate!!! Congrats. Ready for some wings at the Estes Brewery?

I'm looking forward to seeing how good Gus will be at our house...NOT sure that Kirby is though.(And we won't even discuss Joe.:-)

Jer said...

That made me laugh, Paulette. Unfortunately they don't serve much vegetarian fare at BW3. :)

Cindy, thanks to you and Joe for puppy sitting and also for dinner. Yum.

Cindy said...

Kirby was not fond of the barking, but other than that it went very well. I'm sure before long Kirby may like Gussie as much as he does Max.

Love using our veggies from the garden, so I am glad you enjoyed your salad....We ate our 'salad' on top of YUMMY hamburgers on the grill!!!

Jer said...

He barked at me tonight--until I played with him. I swear he smiled. :)