Wednesday, August 20, 2008

8/20 Gus--before and after

The after pic isn't good because I could only get his face. Wouldn't stand still--until my phone's battery went dead, and then he was a cutie. But you can still see how short his hair was cut. He looks adorable.



I'll take one later of his body which will really show his "shorn-ness."


Cindy said...

I like the before..he looks like he went from a baby face to a grown up...luckily it grows and it will be cooler weather soon so he won't be so hot.

Kelly said...

He is adorable either way!

Jer said...

Thanks, Kelly.

And Cindy, wait until you see him tonight. I think you'll like his looks.

Cindy said...

he's cute, but I'm digging the furry look better...Cody likes this version best. Oddly, Kirby hasn't seemed to notice.

Jer said...

As long as you still love him...that's all that counts. :) And thanks so much for letting him out and taking him home with you for a while. I really appreciate it.