Saturday, March 14, 2009

3/14 Gus had a play date

Jan and Tim took me and Tim's Uncle Bill to Mike's in Liberty for dinner. It was so good! And the company was good too. :) Jan and Tim brought Alfie and Rocky with them. After dinner Tim went to Uncle Bill's to watch basketball and Jan and the dogs came here.

So Gussie had a play date with Alfie and Rocky. It was fun to watch them. Jan and I played with the Wii and found that neither of us has good balance. :(

Tonight's article is Tents for the homeless: Pride in ownership

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JeffBoz said...

About your examiner today. People like Bert make my bllod boil. What is wrong with people making lots of money. That is not why we have homeless people. I would bet that most homeless people have made bad choices in their lives. I am not just talking about drugs or alcohol. Not everyone lost their job because of the economy. Single mothers had to make a choice awhile back. We have turned into a society that wants to blame everyone else for their problems. I feel sorry for people but I will not blame society for their bad choices. If the economy sucks and I continue to eat out every day and then lose my job, Is it anybody elses fault but mine that I do not have a savings. If the bank repos my car because I cant pay the $550.00 a month payment while working at Wal-Mart, is that your problem.

I contibute every paycheck to a fund for special circumstances. We have bought groceries for a single mother of three. We helped pay for medicine for a man with no prescription plan. Both instances were not anybody elses fault but theirs.

Sorry for the rant but I just get tired of people blaming everything on everybody and not accepting any of the blame on them. This is one of many reasons why the country is broke.