Saturday, March 21, 2009

3/21 An odd day

A year ago today I moved from Biloxi to Quincy. Wow, time has flown by.

I'd planned to work on my class for QU and to write my article. But Jane and I went shopping at CJ Banks--40% off of everything in the store. Couldn't resist that. And the great thing is that Cindy took Gussie for a walk while I was shopping. I'm so grateful. Afterward we went to lunch with the rest of her family. Then went to TJ Maxx.

While there I got a crisis call (am on call this week). Had to go to Pittsfield to help out a colleague. So poor Jane and Sarah had to take me home to get my car. Jane suggested I take Gussie with me. I wouldn't have thought of that--but it was a great idea, Jane. We got to spend time together--one hour drive there and one hour drive back. The hour I was in the sheriff's office he slept, so it worked out well. Thanks for the idea, Jane.

Tonight's article is a real downer, but a sign of the times. Suicide forest.


Cindy said...

did you see the Biloxi Bridge colapse on the news? Great no one was hurt, but it sure looked a mess.

Does this mean your Honeymoon in Quincy is over?

Jer said...

Wow, that scared me. Then I looked it up and saw it was the Popps Ferry Bridge, not one of the major ones. It goes over the Back Bay of Biloxi and will certainly hurt traffic for a while but not horrifically.