Wednesday, March 04, 2009

3/4 What a nice surprise

Well, the surprise was a little anxiety-provoking at first, but then it became wonderful. I got home early, about 5:15 PM and Gussie was gone. I had a brief moment of semi-panic, but it went away quickly. I figured Cindy had taken him for a walk. I must confess that it made me very happy.

I'd promised myself I'd take Gus for a walk tonight no matter how I felt. And it was good that Cindy did it, so I didn't have to feel guilty if I didn't go. I've been feeling pretty good until the afternoon and then it's "not fun." But still much better than it was.

So I just finished writing my article (Can zapping rid you of compulsions?) and now I'm going to make dinner and watch America's Next Top Model.

And no, I don't think Jason from the Bachelor is a jerk. I think he was really scared he was making a mistake and he knew he didn't want to get divorced again. So I'd call him human. Not too classy at one point, but human. I still like him.


Cindy said...

We went 24 blocks, and Gus didn't get overly excited until we walked up his steps to go home...then he pulled for the first time. He loves home. Sorry for the panic, but I really didn't think you got off until 5:30 and I knew we'd be back before then. Remember the next time to check for the leash!

Reality TV. ick. Don't know why but I don't like 99% of it. Feels phoney to me. I don't know many that feel like I do though..except we are good.

Jer said...

Thanks again, Cindy. And I will check for the leash from now on. Gus loves going for a walk with you and Kirby. Today he's a doggy day care, so will be nice and tired tonight.