Thursday, November 24, 2005

11/21 continued

Did laundry again and met Delfie (Delfina). She owns three of the efficiencies in the hotel and said next time I should stay in one of her units. She is an x-ray tech from Cuba and is trying to learn better English.

After I put away my laundry I donned my new swim suit-- $29 at a discount beachwear store. The rain stopped and I jumped in the ocean. It was warm and perfect. I swam back and forth in the waves until my arms about gave out. Then I swam a few laps in the pool and relaxed as I read email. And JUST LIKE THAT the rain came pouring down. Instead of running inside like most folks, I ran to the Pool Bar. Patty, the bartender, has a story to tell. I sat there for a while,
safe from the horrible downpour. About 15 minutes later the sun came out. Amazing!

Met three Red Cross shelter workers and they talked about people in the shelters who need assistance and haven't completed any paperwork. She didn't have the phone number for the outreach office. I told her I'd call her with it 'cause I had it in my room.

Also met three guys from Baltimore who were here for the last NASCAR race of the year. They're heading home today and are having their last drinks. Funny guys and they celebrate, and flirt, well.

In the small world department I sat next to Ernst from Germany. He has lots of relatives in Milwaukee. Had a great conversation. The NASCAR guys bought me a beer, gave me a beer cozy from one's bar, and their beer cooler with beer in it, since they couldn't take it on the plane. I made out like a bandit.

When it was almost dark the wind came up and the rain returned. I ate leftovers in my room for dinner and read before my usual early bedtime.


Ken said...


Did you manage to get a room at the hotel? Is it private?

Jer said...

Yes, can't remember the day I posted the news, but I am at the Ramada Marco Polo, right on the beach. It's a very old hotel, but the pool and beach make up for it.

I shared until Wednesday and since then had it to myself.