Wednesday, November 19, 2008

11/19 Wednesday again

One week from today I'll be in North Carolina with Rob and Beata. For some reason I thought they were coming to Quincy for Christmas so I didn't do Christmas shopping for them. But Rob said they hadn't planned to come, so now I have to frantically search this weekend for just the right gifts. Hard enough to do anyway, but in a time crunch it's even harder.

I can't wait to see them. It'll be so nice to have another mini-vacation. Sure wish I could take Gus with me though. I'll miss him terribly.

Took the day off work because of a medical procedure so it was a wonderfully lazy day--just me with Gus and Bozie. I loved it, and the rest felt great (emotionally, not just physically). Tonight I'm teaching a class at QU but it won't be full-length.


Cindy said...

Have fun shopping for your kids...I could spend millions on my boys. (If Janet HAD just won that darn lottery) They are my favorite people to shop for, though they mostly like their dad to shop electronics for them these days.

Jer said...

I love shopping for my kids too, although it was a lot easier when they were little. :)