Sunday, November 23, 2008

11/23 What fun I had

Today was fun. I went with friends to Troy, MO to meet up with tons of other friends from the REC program. REC is Residents Encounter Christ and is a prison ministry program I used to be involved with when I lived her in Quincy and also in St. Louis. Today was the 25th anniversary celebration, so a perfect time for me to see old pals and catch up on everything.

I ended up singing with my friend, Joe, and also with several women pals. Ate way too much, and brought home some great bread from St. Louis Bread Company (known as Panera Bread elsewhere).

Joe and Cindy, I have some foccacia bread for you. Thanks a million for taking care of Gussie in my absence. I know he loved it.


Cindy said...

He came over to visit for a couple hours. He played for awhile and then snuggled in with Cody and me on the couch for awhile too....he was a perfect gentleman. OK< that face licking thing...not so gentlemanly, but at least we know he loves us.

Glad you got to spend time with old friends and maybe some new.

Jer said...

Thanks a million, Cindy. I really appreciate it, and I know Gus did too. Maybe if we work on the "no licking" thing together we can conquer it.