Sunday, January 18, 2009

1/18 A good Sunday

Went to Kohl's to return a gift (thanks for warning, Jan) and I saw Cindy there. Deja vu. Seemed like just yesterday we were there together. :) Then I went to Panera for a very late lunch and wrote two articles while there. After I came home I took Gus for a short walk--2/3 of a mile. It was so neat. Everyone we saw stopped and petted him. You know he LOVED that.

The last two days I've posted two articles each day. Today's are Bumper sticker 2: Grace happens and What to say to keep the peace. Thanks for reading them.


jane said...

Not sure that I like sharing our photo. I think it would be nice to ask if any of us have a problem before posting pictures of us. I was glad you took Matt's last name off. You just don't know who is looking at your site.

Cindy said...

Funny Jane, I was just telling Jer about the same thing. I never gave it much thought before, but after her comment from the guy that googled her, and Adam's blog entry that brought back memories I'd rather forget, then having a ambulance run sheet a few weeks ago about someone hurt by a sort of all crashed around me. I think we should all be more careful with the internet safety...Thanks for being brave enough to bring it up.

Jer said...

Cindy, you were braver. You spoke to me personally.

And I thought you were okay because no one could see anyone's faces in the group shot. No one could be identified.

I'm sorry I didn't ask permission. Didn't cross my mind and I was wrong.

When I told Cindy that I would take it down she said "No" I didn't have to because it was so far away.

And I tried to blow the picture up to see if anyone could see faces if they did that, and you still couldn't, so I felt okay. If anyone in the family wants me to take the picture down, I will. Just look at it first.

Plus, Jane, the only site that is fairly safe is Beth's because she made it private. No one else's blog is private and can be seen by anyone. So there's danger everywhere. Do you all want me to make the family blahg a private one? I'll be happy to do that.

joe said...

The only thing I will add is.
If you google your name you get 3500 hits if you google the family blahg you get 0.
I think the blogs on eblogger are more safe from a random search.
Although I don't blame anyone for putting security on their blogs I don't think it is nessesary for everyone.
But I do wish Jess would pull her phone number off the family blog.

Jer said...

Most of the Google hits for me are because of all the articles I've written and professional organizations I belong to. I checked the other day and there were eight pages before another dufresne came up. (We're supposed to check all the time to make sure information is accurate that's thrown up on the internet.)

I think the family Blahg is still relatively anonymous because it's so new. It will start showing up at some point.

JeffBoz said...

I googled Timmy Tumor Head and found Tim Stegeman. I'm just saying.

joe said... both
it's not a tooma

PAULETTE said...

I dont like anything personal-pictures or info in your articles..especially after you getting a reply from Jeremy who could find you by googling. I think you have to be overly careful when posting something readily available to millions-as opposed to those family "crazies" that read our family blogs.

Jer said...

To all: I appreciate what you're saying but anyone can find anyone. If you tick off a customer/client/patient at work they can find you on the internet. It's not easy to hide anymore unless you don't have an address, phone, credit card, etc.

And the guy that googled me was kind to me. He didn't say anything about hurting anyone but himself. He was not a danger.

Let's take the conversation to the family blahg and decide if we want it public or private. Thanks.