Wednesday, January 28, 2009

1/27 A rough day

Today was really rough. So many crises. And I'm on call this week and have already had three calls tonight.

BUT there was something good. I finally have my car back. Plus they took off $100 and threw in a free oil change since it took so long. Yay for that.

And the guy handed me a piece of tire maybe four inches by two inches. It went through my grill and struck my radiator, causing the hole in it. The mechanic supervisor suggested I talk to my insurance agent about it, and he'd be happy to verify it.

I do have the piece of tire as evidence, or maybe just a souvenir.

Tonight's article is Mental illness on TV: Part 1

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Cindy said...

be thankful that piece of rubber didn't come through the windsheild and hit you in the head. (If you need a brightside)

Jer said...

Amen, sister.