Thursday, January 29, 2009

1/29/09 Achooo!

I'm thinking my sinus infection has returned. Boo hiss.

Another boo hiss. The carpet cleaners were here today. The carpet was beautiful. Then Gussie threw up.

And the sad thing is he's been throwing up since this morning. I'll have to take him to the vets if this doesn't stop by tomorrow morning. Poor Gussie.

Tonight's article is about Bumper sticker 6.


Jill and Todd said...

Poor Gus... and poor carpet. Everytime you try to get your carpets cleaned something seems to mess it up all too quickly. Hopefully Gus will get over his "sick" spell. I hope your doesn't get too bad either. No fun getting sick. Love you.

Jer said...

Didn't sleep much because my head was all stopped up but I'm at work anyway.

Gus seems like he feels better but he still didn't eat his dog food. I left it out for him and hope he gets hungry.

No more throwing up--at least where I can see it.