Sunday, January 25, 2009

1/25 I actually had fun

Jan and I went to Mass together, then out to lunch at Tony's Too. A little bit of shopping and then home. While I was recuperating from last night's festivities, Gussie looked out the front window and got really animated. I knew Kirby must be outside. So we got winterized and went over to visit for a minute while Cindy was shoveling their walk.

I love that we have snow. Unfortunately I don't own a snow shovel. Have to put that on my shopping list. Gussie sure loves the snow. He's fun to watch. He and Kirby had fun.

Oh, the big news--I was sitting in my recliner waiting for Jan to pick me up. I'd already given the critters their treats and had the baby gate up. Something scared the hell out of me--Gussie jumped in my lap. Don't know if he jumped or climbed over the gate, but it's served it's purpose. No more baby gate. Yikes.

My second article of the day is about the phenomenon known as Twitter.


Joe said...

Kirby enjoyed the visit...he likes bossing Gus around. Since he doesn't get to be Alpha too much INSIDE our house, he loves meeting up each time with Gussie so he can show off. It is nice Gus is so sweet natured and doesn't seem to mind it. (BTW, Loved his sweater, but miss his fluffy coat)

Cindy said...

Sorry...that was me...Cindy, not Joe....JOE would NEVER EVER type about Kirby and Gus 'visiting' each other.

Jer said...

Yeah, they are really cute together, I think. It's always fun when they visit.