Tuesday, February 10, 2009

2/10 Joe, the superhero

I am so grateful for Joe. I locked my keys in the garage. Didn't noticed I dropped them on the seat. Gussie wouldn't get out of the car so I had to lift him out and I guess that's when it happened.

There's only the one garage key, so Joe pried the door open for me, then came back and fixed the lock. I really appreciate you, Joe.

Tonight's article is about Valentine's Day.
For singles: Valentine's Day can be whatever you want


Cindy said...

He really IS a great guy...I love how he takes such good care of me too!

Deb said...


Beata said...

How lucky for you, mom, that uncle Joe was right there.. :-)

Jer said...

I agree. I'm very lucky to have the family I have.