Saturday, February 28, 2009

2/28 A wonderful day with my family

I spent the day with Jane and Sarah and it was really fun, although tiring. We spent so much time together that we had both lunch and dinner. Pete joined us for dinner. Then we went to Joe and Cindy's to say hi to Eric and Julie. And Gussie dragged his butt on the floor and made poop streaks. All because I gave him some Greenies and they made "stuff" stick to his fur. God bless him.

And God bless Joe and Cindy. They didn't even blink. While I cleaned Gussie's bottom they cleaned the rug. Kirby just watched.

I left early to write my article, so they're probably all still talking about me. :)

Tonight's article is about Secrets: Qtown embraces the soul of Quincy.


Cindy said...

Gus's social faux"paw" was forgotten as quickly as it was forgiven. Not sure we even mentioned you or Gus after you left....SO Un-Bozarth-like of us. HA. I think we talked about the wedding and the kids schooling. Gus is welcome back any time...and if you promise to behave he can bring you too!

Jer said...

That was funny, Cindy. And thanks for being so understanding.