Sunday, February 08, 2009

2/8 Horribly competitive

I am. Always have been. And since I'm 61 I probably always will be. But I'm also a good loser. I have to be since I lose more often than win, unless it's word games--then I have a fighting chance.

Anyway I thought of this because every chance I get I check my numbers and where I am in comparison to other writers. I get to see the top 5 in the Chicago area, and those are in all topics, not just health. And I also get to see the top 5 in Health nationally.

This afternoon I'm number 2 nationally in Health and number 1 in Chicago. So yeah, I'm bragging. Had to write about it right away because it will soon change. :)

This morning's article was Food stamps: A solution or a stopgap measure? Am writing another one tonight on Confidentiality.

(Thanks, Joe, for helping me out this afternoon. Thanks, Pete, for offering to do so as well.)


Deb said...

Congratulations Jer! What a nice honor to hold...even IF it does change soon. ;-)

JeffBoz said...

Well, I am way more competitive than you.

Cindy said...

and I'm not at all. Go Figure

Jer said...

Thanks, Deb.

And, Jeff, No YOU'RE NOT! :)

Beata said...

Oh, Mom, that's great! What great numbers! Congrats!!! I would do the same thing, kept checking and checking all the time. It's just exciting!

Anonymous said...

I am #1 I Rhinelander. Go Hodags!!!