Friday, April 24, 2009

4/24 A good life

At 1 I met Jan, Tim, Pete, Jane, Sarah, Jordan, and Ashley for lunch at Krieger's. What a perfect way to spend part of Friday afternoon. Cindy walked by and we chatted with her a while.

Jan stopped by my house a little later with some lovely flowers for my garden. She's the greenest thumbed person I know and she'll help me know the weeds from the not-weeds. Of course I can't do much work myself, but I'm feeling pretty good and can surely do some.

We spoke of all the activities going on this summer, and I think I'm going to walk in the Susan B Koman 5k in Peoria with Jan, Kristen, and Jane. Because we're missing the Avon Breast Cancer Walk this year, we want to do something.

Gus and I took a mile walk this afternoon too, and I saw John (our brother). It was nice to talk to him too. (Oh, yesterday I forgot to blog that it wasn't just Gussie's birthday, it was Bozie's too. And speaking of cats, Allie Cat had diarrhea on my bedroom carpeting this morning. But I still love her.)

Tonight's article: Feel-good Friday: Vaginas don't have teeth.

I'm so happy to be in Quincy. There are so many family events going on and I would have been so jealous if I were still in Biloxi. I love you guys.


Kris said...

The Susan B. Koman walk that we are going to walk in is in Moline not Peoria, that way you guys will have a place to stay on Friday night before the walk.

Jer said...

Thanks, Kris. That's great.

Cindy said...

Good luck on your walk! Great chatting with all of you today. What a great day to sit outside for a meal. Glad I didn't stick around though b/c I got so much done today. I had so much fun getting my flower bed going. I could never keep up with all the beds Jan does, but I like the little one I have...I always think of Krissy, who helped me get it going the first year.

Jill and Todd said...

You couldn't have picked a better time to move back to Quincy. Now you don't have to miss all those family events. Say hi to everyone for us.