Saturday, April 04, 2009

4/4 Nice surprise

Jane and I went out to dinner by ourselves tonight. It was really nice. Went to Gem City. Then went to Kohl's and did some damage. Thanks for asking, Jane. I had a really nice time.

Gus and I walked a mile today. Yay. But first we stopped in Joe and Cindy's yard. We saw Kirby in the backyard so I let Gus and Kirby run and play awhile. Don't know where Cindy and Joe were, but it didn't matter. I sat in the sun on their swing and enjoyed watching the dogs.

Jill, Todd, and the kids are officially on their cruise. I spoke to them today as they were driving down to Long Beach. The kids are really excited. Kayla said the best part will be the "formal dinners." She can't wait to dress up. Plus she said they can have dessert with every meal. :)

Tonight's article is Studies say 'no' to vaccines as autism cause


Cindy said...

I'm with Kayla....dessert at every meal. Book the cruise!!!!!

I was out shopping today(trying to finish up the stuff to mail Adam for Easter) and Joe was over borrowing tools from John. I am sure Kirby had a nice visit with Gus. He RAReLY is left outside when we are not home b/c Don does NOT like barking dogs.

Jer said...

I didn't hear Kirby bark once. He just growled as we walked up and I called him a silly goose and he was fine.