Saturday, April 25, 2009

4/25/09 Another good day

Gus and I had a fun day. This morning I (without my faithful companion) went to Great Debate books downtown. Off Broadway, the coffee house located inside, had free coffee and food for QU professors and adjuncts. I met some nice people, including reconnecting with Jimmy's old girlfriend, Barb, who reminded me of when they would come over to John's and my house on Maine Street. (Not brother John, husband John.)

Then I picked up Gus and we went to my office for a few hours. Following that, a leisurely trip to the pet store and we saw Cindy out in the parking lot. She was buying more flowers for her beautiful garden.

This afternoon Jane called and asked if I wanted to go to Jan's for dinner and I yelled SURE! The food was awesome and so was the company. Just got home and finished up the article I'd started earlier in the day.

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