Sunday, April 26, 2009

4/26/09 Another great day

Jan and I spent the day together. We bought flowers and plants for my garden and then came back here and Jan did all the hard work. She really knows her stuff though and I'm learning a little from her. I now know how to put down newspaper and mulch. :) And I know how to tell Rob what to do with the rest of the plants. So thanks a million, Jan, for all your help.

We also went out to lunch which was so relaxing and enjoyable for me. I look forward to eating with family on the weekend.

Joe and Cindy helped me out too, by bringing extra mulch.

It indeed was a very good day, but now I have to get in a hot shower because I'm getting stiff. Gussie already had his bath from being a mud dog while we were outside. He sure had a ball. Love to all.

Tonight's article: Narcissism epidemic: Is it true?

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