Tuesday, February 15, 2005

2/15 Planned obsolescence

You know how your car predictably starts breaking down after the warranty expires?

I think my warranty must have expired. Planned obsolescence is a concept that relates to humans as well as machinery.

The old GERD is a little better. Didn't even know I had anything wrong all day yesterday, until bedtime. Then I had to sit up for a few hours, until the discomfort went away (I hesitate to say pain, it sounds kind of melodramatic). Consequently I'm tired.

My doc's office called today and said they scheduled a stress test for me (at the recommendation of the GI doc). Yep, it sounds like it has something to do with being stressed--but no. I'll be on a treadmill and other contraptions and they're checking out my heart, etc. I'm not alarmed though, because I read somewhere (probably online), that when someone has severe acid reflux--and the concomitant extra crap--the doc needs to rule out heart problems. Luckily there aren't heart problems in my family, so I'm quite calm about this.

Went to the dentist this morning for my semi-annual cleaning. I've already given them 10% of last year's income. I expected him to say, "Nice job with flossing, Jer." He did say that, but added, "There's a crack in tooth #whatever, I'll put in a new filling next week." Aarrrgggghhh.

God has a biting sense of humor. Planned obsolescence indeed.

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