Thursday, February 03, 2005

2/3 Working from home

Today and tomorrow I'm working from home. The legislative stuff at work has been keeping me so busy that I haven't been able to work on the editing, writing and website work that is my real job. So I escaped from the office in order to get more done and to ignore the legislative work.

It's vitally important stuff, but I just can't let it become my whole job.

So far today I've finished a lot of email reading, and edited an 18 page article. This afternoon I'll begin on some media/PR work, and plan to do that all day tomorrow too.

Later this afternoon I have an appointment with a GI specialist and then work at CSz. Funny enough I work at CSz tomorrow night too. That never happens--both Thursday and Friday, but another box office person had to go out of town because of an ill relative, so we all have to fill in. But that does mean I'm off Saturday.

So on Saturday and Sunday I plan to finish the Media Kit and also to begin my income tax preparation. This year, instead of doing it with TurboTax, I got an approval to do it online with the IRS. Since I don't cheat (at least on purpose), this will be a lot easier, plus it's free. I'll let you know how it goes.

Lunchtime... I do love working in my bathrobe. Decadent. Lazy. So me.


Bron said...

Jer - you've been tagged... check my blog for details ;)

Jer said...

I did. Except I don't know three more bloggers (except for the ones already doing it.). So I'll opt out. But thanks for thinking of me.