Thursday, February 17, 2005

2/17 Good news

Remember on 2/11 when I got congratulated by the owner? Well, this morning I found out why. I lead the all staff meeting every Thursday morning at 8:30... It's a stand-up meeting and usually about 60 of the 99 staff members are able to attend. Today I was floored when I was named Employee of the Month for January. I received a nice doo-dad for my desk, and my name is on a plaque in the main conference room.

All that is cool--but the big news is that I got to choose something from the cafeteria list. And I'm taking two round-trip air tickets anywhere in the continental US. I'll be able to visit my grandkids in LA twice, or perhaps can give my daughter the tickets so they can come see me.

I'm feeling pretty darn good.

Now back to the task at hand--WORK!


Bron said...

Yay for Jer!!! How cool is THAT!!


Jer said...

I'm pretty stoked about it. Thanks, Bron.

Anonymous said...

Use one to come to Tourney!!


Jer said...

The airplane ticket isn't a problem. But I still haven't found out if it's okay with the boss that I go (and pay for everything myself). Jer