Monday, February 07, 2005

2/7 Slept all day

After returning from the hospital this morning, I slept the rest of the day--from 11 to 5. Hope I'm able to sleep tonight since I have to work tomorrow.

The good news is that they didn't have to take a biopsy, plus the doc stretched my esophagus so I should be able to swallow more easily. I need to take the medicine for another three months and then go back to see him (the GI doc). If things aren't better, he'll talk surgery. But for right now, I'll just concentrate on the good stuff.

Am still kind of "dopey" but I know that will wear off. That new stuff they give you to put you out is amazing. I had it two years ago for another test. Wow. One second I'm telling the nurse that I am still alert and the next minute I'm back in my room trying to make sense of what the nurse is telling me.

I'm grateful for the results.


Anonymous said...

Yay Jer! We are thinking of you.
-- Alan and Gretchen

Jer said...

Thanks, Gretchen and Alan. I appreciate your concern and support. Jer