Sunday, February 06, 2005

2/6 Staff party

I should have known better.

I thought the CSz all staff meeting was going to be a meeting. Nope. It was a party, start to finish. So much fun. It's great to work for a guy who is a kid at heart. We played 4-Square, and people were a lot nicer than my brothers and nephews when I play with them. I have no scars.

Others played all kinds of other games from Uno to Chess to Pin the Clothespin on Your Opponent. I took some pictures and will post them in a few days.

Tomorrow morning I leave at 8 AM to go to the hospital for my tests. I'm a little anxious, but am really looking forward to feeling better. As I told a friend, I'm not scared of the test itself. I'll be asleep for that. But it's the diagnosis...I'm hoping it's just what the doctor thinks it is. It's curable within a few more months. I'm confident I can stay off liquor and coffee that long.

Now chocolate--that's another matter.

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