Saturday, February 26, 2005

2/26 It was GREAT!

It's really after midnight and technically Sunday morning, but I'm changing the time so it posts as Saturday. I worked 12 hours today at CSz and just got home.

Last night was awesome. I can't wait to see if the movie taken with my digital camera turns out. But I guess I actually can wait because I'm too tired to check it out tonight. Nine of the 10 friends showed up who said they would come, so that pleased me. And the place was packed! The only down side was it was a low ceiling and no ventilation and my head hurt all day today from the smoke from last night. Oh, there was another downside--everytime someone made gays the butt of the joke, I cringed. Three gay friends in the front row! They were probably fine; I was being over-sensitive I think.

But my headache was a small price to pay for the fun of it. I got laughs everywhere I was supposed to get them, so I have to feel good about that.

Everyone did really well. Yay!


MartaCycle said...

Glad it went well and you had a blast!

Bron said...

WELL DONE JER! I want a copy!

Jer said...

I just watched it. It's not great quality--from my digital camera. But it's okay. If I can copy it to a CD, I'll send it to you. Promise.