Saturday, June 16, 2007

6/16/ Q is 4 months old

Can't believe how time flies. We ran a bunch of errands today and then went swimming at Paula's house. It was a riot.

On the way there, Quincy and I stopped at the beach to play a while. We played fetch, but I was surprised that this labrador retriever didn't seem to want to get in the water. I got in, but she wouldn't follow. However, by the time we got to Paula and Tommy's house, it had changed. Q loved swimming, almost as much as I did. We played for a few hours. She didn't swim the whole time of course, but got out frequently and also enjoyed lying on a raft a la Cleopatra. When we got in the car she fell asleep immediately.

We're invited to go again tomorrow if we like, but I think I better stay home and get a little bit of work done. But for now I need to doctor up the scratches on my arm. Oh yeah, Q got a little scared in the beginning and I paid the price.

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