Friday, June 29, 2007

6/29 Explicit doggy doo-doo information

It's 4:30 AM and Quincy's been outside at least 13 times tonight. I'm sleep deprived. She's got diarrhea and I think another bladder infection. She's trying to pee constantly, and I feel so bad for her.

So one time--about 1/2 hour ago--I thought she couldn't possibly really be peeing, so when she cried I just ignored her. She went into the hallway and peed and pooped. I can't win.

Lots to do today, so I can't sleep in. Have to drop off some documents at Camp Biloxi, take Q to Doggy Day Care (or the vet, depending how these next few hours go), and then go to the conference. After lunch I have several things to do at work, so there's no way I can nap. It's going to be a long day after three hours sleep, but thank God it's Friday.

After this everlasting night I'll probably ask the vet to start Q on the meds. Even though it may have side effects, she obviously needs something and is miserable.

Okay, she's been in the house for 10 minutes and is sleeping. We'll see if I can catch a few winks.

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