Monday, June 04, 2007

6/4 Stuck in Chicago

Bad weather caused flights to be canceled. After waiting a long time, my flight was canceled too. Since my next flight leaves ungodly early tomorrow morning, rather than calling my brother and sister-in-law in Aurora, I just got a cheap motel near the airport. I'm on the 4:15 AM shuttle to the airport tomorrow, and since Jim and Karen live an hour away I thought it wouldn't make sense to bother them.

The motel is junky and all they had left were smoking rooms, so cough-cough, it sure stinks in here. Hope my allergies don't go nuts overnight.

Okay, back to the good stuff. Jan, Kris, and Beth did so well on the Avon Breast Cancer Walk. What great resolve they have. Kris and Beth were shocked to find out how hard the walk is. Since Jan is 59 and does this walk every year, they probably thought it wasn't as difficult as it turned out to be. But they persevered and did SUPER. I'm so proud of all three of them. Beth's husband, Matt, and two boys were there to greet her at the finish line. It was so sweet.

Jane, Deb, and I worked hard on the crew. My right foot and left elbow are still hurting. Old age sucks sometimes. But I couldn't complain too much because the three walkers worked a lot harder than I did.

I love working on the weekend. Being team leader for the Operations Team is interesting, and I think doing Incident Response is absolutely the perfect job for me. I was asked to do the Charlotte walk too, and I'm thinking about doing it. Need to check my schedule.

Back to this weekend--last night we all stayed at a Fairfield Inn. We ordered pizza and Jim, Karen, and Frank joined us for dinner. We went swimming and sat in the hot tub and boy, it felt good. I loved playing in the pool with Blake (3) and Tyler (1 1/2).

As for now, I need to catch up on some work email, and then try to go to sleep early tonight.


Anonymous said...

way to go Girls...I am so proud of you...I hope the weekend was all you were expecting and so much more

Anonymous said...

I'm really in awe.

So very impressed, ladies. Great job!

Crewmembers, how could anything get done without you?

Love you all,

Jerilyn Dufresne, author said...

Thanks, Cindy and Rob. Everything went well and I'm finally home (after getting up at 3:30 this morning). Have tons to do here in the office, but can't wait to pick up Q. I really missed her.

Jill and Todd said...

I'm sure Q will be glad to see you too. Glad we could chat this morning. Love you.

Jerilyn Dufresne, author said...

She was ecstatic to see me. But I think she now misses being with all the dogs.... Ah well.