Thursday, June 07, 2007

6/7 More on the Q-dog

She was uncomfortable last night. She sleeps on top of the covers on my bed, and bled pretty much for a while. That's unusual because there hadn't been any seepage prior to that. So I changed sheets, and put dirty ones in the washer. Took Q outside. Came back in and went back to sleep. A while later I heard her whining...she'd thrown up all over the bed and I hadn't even heard it. Took off the other blankets and sheets, put them in the washer, threw the other ones in the dryer, took her outside again, then laid down on the mattress pad and covered with a dirty poncho liner that I'd used on the Avon Walk.

This morning I gave her a pain pill and that was sure a mistake. She felt so good that she started running around at work. I've kept my door closed most of the day because she'll sleep then. But she loves the people here so much that she gets very excited when she sees them. This afternoon she's slowed down a bit though, as I think the pain meds are wearing off. I can only give her 1/2 pill per day, and will make sure I use them up so she's not uncomfortable.

I work with such great people. Everyone asks about her and is friendly to her. She loves it here. Gotta run. Have lots of work to do.


Jill & Todd Potrykus said...

Poor baby. I have she heals fast and then no more worries. Love you and chat later.

Jer said...

Yeah, me too, honey. But don't you feel sorry for me too? Poor Mommy?