Sunday, January 13, 2008

1/13 Odd day

Started at church where I cantored, plus had a solo during "Wade in the Water." It went well, but I made one error that sufficiently humbled me. So that's good.

The dogs have dug a hole nearly under the gate. Won't be long until they are both gone--running through the neighborhood like unruly children. I put their poop in the hole and hope that will deter them. I know they'll just start somewhere else, but at least I stopped one hole from getting worse. (Kind of like the "starfish" tale.) :)

My wrist feels immensely better, hurts a lot less; so I'm exercising it just a little bit. Then back into the brace.

I've been traveling way too much, according to my dogs. One of them has pooped and peed in the house three times this weekend. I honestly don't know which one it is, but I suspect it's Cookie. She's the one with the really bad separation anxiety.

Tomorrow I leave for Austin and later in the week will go to Los Angeles to see the grandkids. Hooray. (And of course Jill and Todd too.) I haven't seen them since August and am pining away for the little sweeties.

But this means that my dogs will sleep at Pampered Pets for ten nights, with only a one night at home in between. No wonder their behavior (and my nerves) suffers. I should be home for a while after these trips.

Adios, and I'll write from Austin tomorrow night.


Jill & Todd Potrykus said...

Glad your wrist is feeling better, can't wait to see you too. The kids are very excited. Hopefully your "kids" will get back into a calmer routine once your travel is done. See you soon.

Rob said...

Have a great trip! You doggies will be fine, and once you return you can work on that digging.

I recommend dog "hypnosis." I used to "hypnotize" my dogs all the time. Now they're all very well-behaved. If they ever mess up, I just give them a little reminder by "hypnotizing" them again.

Jer said...

Jill, I think the only time I won't miss the puppies is when I'm with you guys. :)

And Rob, you crack me up. Oh, yeah, and SHUP.

Maddox said...

Ten days! That's a long time. They will be spoiled rotten. LOL.

Jer, you are in Austin! Only 3 hours from me. :)