Sunday, January 20, 2008

1/20 Go Packers

Am watching the playoff game with Todd and Jill. It's fun since Todd is from Eagle River, WI and Jill lived with me in Milwaukee. So it's a lot more fun than watching the game alone. Being with other fans sure makes a difference.

We taped the game so still don't know how it ended. Right now it's 20 to 20 in the fourth quarter. An exciting game.

We had such a wonderful day. Went to Build a Bear with Jill and the kids, and I bought some belated Christmas gifts. Plus this morning we opened other Christmas gifts. Everyone seemed to like what I got, and I loved my presents. I got a gift certificate so I could get the Ironman Triathlon watch I wanted. This one is a lot more feminine than the usual honkin' big ones I buy.

We also went to Starbucks and the kids got to play there while Jill and I enjoyed some coffee. Tomorrow the kids are off school for MLK day, but both Jill and Todd have to work. So I get a full day with Kayla and Hunter. We'll take Jill to work, then go to breakfast at Coco's, a tradition when I visit. Afterward we'll come back and get their dog Sadie, and go to the park so the kids can play. And I'll play with Sadie. She's a sweetheart, but has really aged since the last time I was out here. She's probably 12 years old and is getting up there in years.

I am having a wonderful time. Yay for family!

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