Saturday, January 19, 2008

1/19 Flight delays and more delays

My 11:40 flight was canceled too. But they called me at 11 last night to say they could get me on a 9:50 AM flight--two hours earlier. Jill and I were both happy about that, since I would get into LA at 3:30. Alas, it was not to be.

I got to Atlanta without a problem, and my ATL to LAX flight boarded on time, but we had to sit on the plane for more than 2 hours waiting in line for de-icing. Atlanta is not used to snow and ice, so it took them a long time to take care of all the planes. We finally took off, and I landed in LA at 5:30 PM (Pacific Time). It was a long, long day. We waited so long in Atlanta that they started the movie there. We ended up seeing three altogether--The Jane Austen Book Club, Rush Hour 3, and Balls of Fury. Of the three I just loved the Jane Austen one. The other two were mildly amusing, and were good for passing time.

Jill ended up going to her party alone and Todd and the kids picked me up. It worked out well. Jill wasn't upset about going to the party with her friends, and Todd wasn't upset at missing the party.

They met me at the baggage claim and as usual it warmed my heart to hear those sweet voices yelling, "Grandma!" as they ran toward me. We stopped for dinner on the way home. Jill has a new red Toyota Tacoma truck with a long bed. It will hold three of the five motorcycles when they go to the track. It's really nice.

The kids are in bed in my room, waiting for me to join them, so I'll do that. We don't expect Jill until midnight or so, and I got up at 4 AM (Pacific) and am pretty tired. More tomorrw--we're going to Build a Bear. I love it!


Kelly said...

So glad you finally made it!! I didn't even realize there was any nasty weather south of us. Have fun at build a bear!!

Jer said...

We will have a ball. Are going to leave in about a half hour.