Thursday, January 31, 2008

1/31 I can talk about it now

Due to an abrupt and unexpected funding cut, my program has been terminated here in Mississippi. Most of our staff received their RIF (Reduction in Force) letters today. They received two months notice so will be laid off after March 31. There are five us staying on until the end of June in order to finish out the necessary administrative tasks.

I closed on my house April 13 of last year. I should have known that Friday the 13th would not bode well.

This program termination isn't the fault of anyone in our company. It's purely a funding issue. So I can't feel bad about all the good work we've done. But I can feel bad about all the work left to do. Luckily there are other agencies rooted here in Mississippi who will continue the work.

We really want to stay here to finish, but it's not to be. My company came here from Texas for what we knew would be a limited time, but we certainly didn't expect the abruptness of this. It is gratifying to know that we did what we could and that other good companies will stay until it's done.

So, like many others here, I'm job hunting. And will chronicle the travails of doing so. Also, I have to look at selling my house because the three jobs I'm looking at are all in different places. Gosh, I really love it here, but I know I can be happy wherever I end up. God is so good to me, and always has been.

So tonight I'm thinking of our clients, still struggling to put their lives together; I'm thinking of our staff, and all the energy and passion they've continually put into their jobs; and finally I'm thinking of me and wondering what life will give me next.

Please pray for all of us.


Kelly said...

I think it's great that you always manage to keep a positive attitude. There are many of us that can learn from that. I'm excited to see what adventure lies next for you!

Dave said...

I'll spit for you, fersure.


Jer said...

Thanks, Kelly. I'm actually hoping that something in Quincy pans out, since I'm missing out on so much there--including watching all my great nephews and niece grow up. Aunt Jer

Jer said...

DF, other readers won't know what you're talking about, but that's okay. I know. And thanks!

Beata said...

Mom, your life is full of surprises, all the time. I feel bad for all the people losing their job, and am really sorry that you might be moving out of your new house. That's so sad.
But now, so let's say you move to Quincy, and you will take your dogs for a walk, if they are not behaving right and you start calling them by their names, do you think your new neighbours will wonder if you are maybe a little bit koo-koo????? I always told you to name her Blondie! ;-)

Jer said...

Funny. That's exactly what I thought of--Quincy in Quincy. :)

Cindy said...

I remember Paulette thinking the neighbors would think Matt was drunk or crazy one night when he was out screaming "STORM" during a storm....cracks me up just thinking of it.

Maybe naming Quincy, Quincy, was an omen of sorts.

I'm with Kelly...keep up the positive outlook. You'll land on your feet---somewhere

Andrea said...

Your last day at your old job in Wisconsin was on October 13th, so maybe 13 is something you should stay away from!

Jer said...

Cindy, that Storm comment cracked me up. And I agree that I'll land on my feet. At your door? (Got tired of teasing Jan about moving in with her and Tim, now it's your turn.) :)

Jer said...

Gee, Andrea, I've always liked the number 13. And my last day at CPI was totally of my own choosing, so 13 was still good there. And 10/13 was also my last performance with BroadMinded in Milwaukee. I sure miss them.