Thursday, January 03, 2008

1/3 I've been unfaithful

and my dogs know it. Not only are they sniffing all my clothes as I unpack the suitcase, they are eyeing me like, "We know what you did."

I can't help it I adore dogs, even other people's. So I cuddled a lot with Alfie and Rocky and Max. So sue me. (Perhaps Quincy and Cookie will indeed do that.)

They licked my coat today up one side and down the other, as if putting their own scent back on it was the most important thing in the world. I guess that's a lot better than the other way dogs mark their territory.

I did miss the little buggers. But they are wild, wild, wild. Am working on trying to get them back under control, but I leave again the week after next and I'm afraid their wildness will be repeated. At least I won't be with other dogs when I'm in Austin, but I will be when I'm in Los Angeles.

Guess I'm a loose woman when it comes to animals.

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