Thursday, January 24, 2008

1/24 Dog class

Q and I just returned from her training class. Once again she growled at two dogs and I just don't understand it. But she picked up on the two skills really well--"Leave it" and walking. I'm hoping I can keep things up at home.

Everything went really well there (except for the growling). Other than that it was a great class. I'm looking forward to the next one already.

Because I knew Cookie would have to stay home alone while Quincy went with me, I took Q to doggy day care and brought Cookie to work with me today. She was well-behaved and a lot calmer than she is when she's with Quincy. It was fun.


Kelly said...

The place where the boys play indoor soccer is shared with the doggy school. The boys love looking in there and watching all the dogs. There is even a doggy playground set up in there. It's so cute.

Jer said...

Sounds cool, Kelly. At PetSmart the training area is small, but we walk the dogs up and down the aisles to train them in walking correctly. And Q has to stop and eat all the pieces of dog or cat food that have dropped on the floor. That's where the "leave it" command comes in handy--as soon as I remember to say it.