Tuesday, March 25, 2008

3/25 Survived second day

Today I learned so much. At the end of the day I did a crisis call with one of the supervisors. We went to the emergency room and did an evaluation of a patient with mental illness. There's certainly a lot more for me to learn, and I'm nowhere near ready to do this alone yet. It's not because I can't do it, it's because there are SO MANY DAMN FORMS to fill out. Yikes.

A recap of my first night here--I promised to talk about the gifts waiting:

Joe and Cindy left a bottle of Asti Spumonte, two wine glasses, and a laundry basket full of food and paper products. What a wonderful surprise.

Jan and Jane bought me a gorgeous plant.

Jane and Pete got beer, wine, wine glasses, bottled water, and rolls from the best bakery in the world--Underbrinks.

I'm sure I forgot some stuff, because they were so generous. It sure gave me the best ever welcome home.


Cindy said...

Any Medical field means mountains of documentation, and I would think even MORE in the mental health field. I am sure you will be doing those forms 'in your sleep' before you know it. Life is so much better when we are learning and changing....right? (two things I hate[shame on me])

Jill & Todd Potrykus said...

I'm sure you will get the hang of things in no time at all. You always give it your all and I love what a wonderful example you've been for me both growing up and now. I'm so proud of everything you do to help others. Love you very much.

Jer said...

I'm laughing Cindy because those are two things I just love. :)

Jer said...

Jill, you made my day. I love you tons, sweetie.