Saturday, March 29, 2008

3/29 Brrr

It's been really cold, but thank heavens it's sunny. They're putting the gates on today, and then my fence will be complete. This morning I've been putting away items in the house and the dogs are driving me crazy because there's a squirrel in the tree in the front yard. They've not experienced this before.

The other things that drive them nuts are rabbits. Until here they'd not even seen a rabbit much less have them in the yard. They follow the trail around and around and around. Mind you they are on a leash, so I'm going around and around too. C'mon fence!

Went out to dinner last night with my sisters and their husbands, and a friend Debbie. They'd been setting up for the monster garage sale to be held today. Their proceeds will go to our Avon Breast Cancer Walk in Chicago. I can't help because of all the "stuff" to do in the house. But I'll probably join them for lunch when they're done at one or so.

Guess that's it. Back to work.


You Nosy Neighbor said...

Or 'screwers' as Beata calls them[squirrels] (now I call them that to Kirby, who loves to sneak up on them)

The fence looks GREAT, and I know you will all 3 love the independence it provides.

Jer said...

I love that word too. She says it so cute. The problem is that the longer she is in the US, the less she talks that way.

I love the fence too! Yay.

Anonymous said...

Aw, is cold unlike the nice winter you spent is Mississippi??


A jealous Wisconsinite(SP) :)

Jer said...

Sorry, Steve. I did enjoy the nice winter down there, that's for sure.