Monday, March 03, 2008

3/3 Tapeworms

No, not me. Quincy. Poor thing. I brought both dogs to the vet today for their ears. Thought they might have an infection, but it was just lots of wax. But while there I asked her to just check them out since we were moving. Found out Q has tapeworms. And the only way you can get them is by eating fleas. Neither of my dogs have fleas. So she either got them at doggy day care or her training class.

And she's lost three pounds since two weeks ago, so I feel bad. She's on meds now and should be fine soon.

Cookie's fine.


That Baby said...

Poor Quincy! It's a good thing this is a relatively easy thing to cure. (And cure, and cure, it seems!)

My dogs get Heartgard, which is supposed to worm them as well as protect them from heartworms, but I found out the hard way that it doesn't last.

In other words, worms happen.


Lynt & That Baby

Jer said...

Q and C are on Heartgard too and have been forever, so now we know that it doesn't work on tapeworms. :) I told that dog to not go to the flea bar and eat fleas!

I haven't even noticed there's nothing gross happening here. The doc just saw one hanging out of Quincy's butt. Now that is gross!

Beata said...

Mom, I am so happy you are not having tapeworms. wow... ;-)
Ok, all what I wanted to say is, that I am so freaking excited that you are moving to Quincy!!!!!!!! Oh, my gosh--that's soooo awesome!
Love you!

Jer said...

Thanks, Sweetie. Uncle Joe and Aunt Cindy will both be glad that when you visit Quincy you'll be right across the street from them. :)

Aunt Cindy said...

I would be VERY excited to see BEATA AND ROB across the street or anywhere....I thought we'd see so much more of them when they got to the states, but it seems everyone's lives just get in the way.

Jer said...

How lucky you'll be-you'll get to see a lot more of me. :)