Sunday, May 11, 2008

5/11 I'm home

The drive was the hardest ever. The wind blew so hard for most of the drive that I thought about stopping somewhere and resting. My hands gripped the wheel so tight nearly the whole trip. But the nice thing was that both my wonderful kids called me while I was driving. (Thank heaven for hands free phone ability.)

And when I got home, a surprise awaited me. On the front porch was a lovely arrangement of flowers--roses, carnations, tulips, and bachelor buttons--from Rob and Beata. Such a sweet gift, and it made me feel so special.

I'll take it to work tomorrow since I work 12 hours. Besides if I leave it here Quincy will probably eat the flowers. :)


Kelly said...

The wind was horrible....down the street from us, an entire tree was uprooted and blocked the neighbors driveway and garage. Glad you made it home safely.

I'm sure those flowers were a nice surprise!

Beata said...

I am so happy you loved the flowers. You are very special to us, Mom :-)

Jer said...

Kelly, I also heard there was damage at St. Francis.

Beata, you guys are so sweet! Love you.