Sunday, May 04, 2008

5/4 News, both good and bad

Pete got to go home from the hospital yesterday. He'd been in for two full weeks. The final problem was four blood clots in his leg, so they had to put a filter in his vein so the clots wouldn't kill him. This was scary stuff. He's so happy to be home, ensconced in a hospital bed in front of a huge window in the family room. Jane collapsed upnon hte couch. She is so relieved, and life will be a lot easier for her.

Bad news. Quincy wet the bed last night. That would be upsetting, but not overly so, but in light of her puppy diagnosis of a pelvic bladder, this could be disastrous. The vet in MS said that since she's been okay the past year, a quick growth spurt could have fixed the location of the bladder, but didn't take xrays to prove it. Originally they'd told me that once she becomes incontinent, there was no cure. So I'm praying this was just an aberration. If not, I've got a very difficult decision to make. And it hurts to even think of it. Anyway, there it is.

As for me, I have a doctor appointment for later this month, but in the meantime am still struggling with my back, hip, and leg. It's gotten worse the past few days.


Kelly said...

Hopefully the bed wetting was a one time thing.

Hope your back starts to heal soon.

Jer said...

Thanks, Kelly.