Thursday, May 29, 2008

5/29 Xray results

Xrays show degenerative disease (arthritis) of the lumbar spine and sacroiliac. Worse on the right side than the left. (I think everyone my age has it. Maybe I'm wrong....) Our dad had a really bad case of it.

So I'll need to ask the doc if that could have caused the pain that came on so suddenly, or if there is something in addition. I'll ask him on Tuesday when I get back from Chicago. In the meantime I'll just take it easy and let the anti-inflammatory stuff try to work.

That's it for now.


Andrea said...

Can you take it easy, in Chicago though? I know it's none of by business, but maybe you should run that by your doctor.

Jer said...

He was surprised I was still going as he thought the ride up and back would be too painful for me. But I'm still going. However, I am not going to camp like everyone else. I'm going to a hotel Saturday night. I also told the crew director that I was going to take it easy while there.

Cindy said...

Not really a surprising dx, with your family history, and of course with age comes arthritis for most everyone. I guess you are at that grin and bear it age :-)I know I have a new ache or pain almost every morning these days.....and MY provider says "as we age, we can expect these things" She is pretty smart. Aleve will be your new best friend.

Jer said...

I'm pretty sure there's something else though. Because the dx was chronic, and this is acute. Something new that came on with the move. Anyway, I am at the grin and bear it (or GIN and bear it). :) Can't do much Aleve or ibuprofen because of a stomach thing. We'll see, as always.