Tuesday, May 20, 2008

5/20 Oddities

It's odd. So many of my clients are people I know or people who know other family members or even people who may be friends of the entire family. Once they walk in, I always give them the option of going to someone else, but no one has taken me up on it yet.

They trust my confidentiality. And that absolutely makes me proud.

It's odd. Cookie honestly thinks she can get the squirrels that are in our trees. And I believe she is protecting Quincy and me from the nasty rodents. What's really funny is that the squirrels now taunt her, sitting in the tree in the backyard making squirrel noises. She really can jump up high--over six feet. Nearly made it over the big fence this week trying to get a squirrel that had crossed from our huge maple tree to the neighbor's huge fir tree. It's really fun to watch, but I'll be devastated if she ever jumps over. And I'm convinced that besides chocolate lab she is also a coon hound. I saw a special on TV about them, and she behaves exactly like a coon hound.

She's a pain, but I love her.


Cindy said...

It's called Hipaa, or Hippo in Bozarth lingo. I have to tell you I am more proud of Jane...she knows how much I weigh...so Thank God For Hippo

Jer said...

Yeah, I first started working with HIPAA in St. Louis. But that's sure a lot different than knowing a ton of people. :) Of course you deal with it too. And we're all professionals. It's just odd.