Wednesday, May 07, 2008

5/7 Ugh, yay, and yay

The ugh is that the offer fell through. The guy didn't respond to my counteroffer because of an unexpected expense that he encountered. Shoot.

The first yay is that my sister-in-law Karen sent me tons of books, for grades K through 4. I will definitely put them to good use, Karen. Thanks.

The second yay is that Jill and kids may be coming to visit in October. I guess it's during school break. I am ecstatic. They just need to find some good ticket prices. And I'm confident that will happen.

Oh, and a mini-yay. I was worried about a huge expense that might happen, but it turns out that I worried for nothing. I called my friend Lou in Kentucky and told her I couldn't make the wedding this weekend in Kentucky because I couldn't justify the expense. She said the room at the B&B was already paid for, all the food was free, and all I'd be paying for is gas. She's so smart. She convinced me. And I'm glad, because I'll see several more of my friends there--some I just saw in CA. I'm looking forward to it and it's only a 5 hour drive or so.

The bad thing is that my family is having a yard sale at my house while I'm gone. Wish I could be there to help. And Jan, Jane, Kris, Deb, etc., I'm trying to get my lawn mowed before Saturday. I promise.

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