Wednesday, February 14, 2007

2/14 Another busy day

The only reason I knew it was Valentine's Day was because some people had flowers delivered, and we also had candy all over the place. I ate way too many chocolates.

Looks like the service center might close this weekend. Our work is drawing to a close in this area. When that happens I'll drive back to HQ in Daytona Beach. I hope it's after Sunday--the Daytona 500 is making traffic crazy over there. Makes me glad I'm further west.

Even though I'm told things are winding down, we were sure busy today. Clients are still coming in to see us...some of them for the first time. Others were having problems still, and came back to talk about them.

Tonight I picked up my dinner from the hotel restaurant and will settle in for the night and watch American Idol. Then beddy-bye.


cindy said...

i find the easiest way to tell if it is valentine's day, or any other day for that matter, is to consult a calendar...Works should give it a try sometime!! It sure helps me keep anniversaries straight :o)

Jer said...